HARMS & HARRIGAN, LLP 2016 – A Year in Review – Part III

In the first part of our highlights of 2016, we focused on three of our practice areas, Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Guardianship. This second part of our 2016 highlights, we provided a glimpse in our personal injury and our insurance coverage practice areas. In this third part, we will detail some of the Business Transactions we handled in 2016.

Business Formation & Dissolution – In 2016, we successfully helped our clients who were starting new business ventures by forming Corporations, Professional Corporations, LLCs & Professional LLCs and a LLP. We handled the formation of a law practice, a doctor’s office, a house cleaning service, a real estate holding company, an interior design company, and a film and movie production company. We also prepared all the company documents including, Shareholder and Partnership Agreements, Operating Agreements and Bylaws.

Sale of Businesses – In 2016, we helped our clients sell businesses which they successfully had built. We provided legal services for the sale of a pizza restaurant, a dry cleaner and an electrical contractor. We also provided the legal services in transferring a home cleaning service back to its original owner.  If you are looking to buy or sell a business, we have successfully handled these transactions and would be happy to discuss with you more of what’s involved.

Business Contract Dispute – We handled a wrongful termination claim brought by a client whose business provided consulting services to another business. The company terminated our client’s contract prior to the termination date upon grounds which have alleged were not valid. We were able to compel the company to arbitrate the dispute, which was eventually settled prior to arbitration.

We will continue to provide 2016 summaries from our other practice areas in the weeks to come. Of course, if you are interested in speaking to us regarding forming a business, selling or buying a business, or if you are in a dispute involving a business, please call or email us!


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