Long-Term Disability

Harms & Harrigan, LLP, located in Woodbury, New York, is your local leader in the area of Long-Term Disability Insurance.  Our mission is to provide quality, cost effective and experienced legal representation to disabled individuals throughout Long Island and New York State.  Our commitment to you is personalized client service.  If you work for an employer who provided you with group disability coverage or you purchased a private disability policy on your own, we can help you!

Today more than ever insurance companies formulate and implement elaborate strategies to deny disability claims.  You and your family have invested hard earned premium dollars in exchange for the insurance company’s promise to provide you and your family with economic security in the event you become disabled from performing your occupation.  Regrettably, without proven, experienced and aggressive representation, the promise made to you and your family will be broken and your investment will be forever lost.

Harms & Harrigan, LLP has proven winning claim strategies to protect the investment you and your family have made and enforce the promises made to you and your family by your insurance company.

The following services are offered: