When you pay an insurance premium, you expect to receive the coverage you deserve when you need it. Few things are more frightening than being denied a health insurance claim after years of paying for coverage.

Unfortunately, legitimate claims are denied on a regular basis. Insurance companies deny coverage and put you in the difficult position of fighting for something to which you are legally entitled.

There is no way to tell exactly how many insurance claims are denied each year, and it’s less clear how many of these denials are legitimate. Some research has shown the denied claim rate could be as high as one in five in some states, but there is skepticism over the accuracy of this number. No matter how high the actual rate of denial, there’s no escaping the fact that your claim being denied is scary and frustrating.

It’s is even more frustrating when a third-party is involved and you are faced with a lawsuit. You are forced to make difficult choices, hire an attorney, and fight to protect yourself against a judgment – all because of something that should have covered by your insurance.

What Happens If an Insurance Claim is Denied?

If an insurance company has denied your claim, you will receive a letter stating all of the reasons for their denial. This letter is the starting point for building your case.

At the Long Island law firm of Harms & Harrigan, LLP we’ll review each of the reasons provided and determine if there is solid rationale for the denial. In many cases the insurance company is stretching its limits. Our attorneys have the experience that allows them to recognize when an insurance company is taking advantage of a situation. We’ll examine the position of the insurance company and use their weak arguments for denial against them.

What If My Denied Claim is Reasonable?

There are instances in which insurance companies deny claims for reasons that are valid. Even if you believe your claim has been rightfully denied, it’s still important to review the reasons with an attorney. Your claim might be one worth fighting for and a professional can advise you how to proceed.

Our goal is to make sure clients are treated fairly by insurance companies. We know it can be an emotional and frightening time when a claim is denied, and we want to ease your fears. Nobody deserves to be denied coverage for which they have paid a premium.

To discuss your insurance claim or to learn more about what you can do to fight back against a denied claim, contact the law firm of Harms & Harrigan.