Legal Representation and Management of your Long-Term Disability Claim

Because the very first contact between you and the insurance carrier may decide the fate of your claim, your first call should be to an experienced long-term disability claim lawyer prior to filing your claim to ensure that your interest and the interests of your family are protected.

The lawyers at Harms & Harrigan, LLP have provided successful legal representation throughout the entire claim filing process to hundreds of individuals with private and/or group disability long-term disability policies both in the claim filing process and on-going claim management after payment commences.

Like they have done for hundreds of other individuals both in the filing stage and for those whose claim was in danger of being denied because it was filed without counsel or by inexperienced counsel, the lawyers at Harms & Harrigan, LLP will implement a detailed and comprehensive strategy for filing your individual and/or group long-term disability claim based upon your disabling condition, your occupation, your policy, your financial information and your special circumstances.